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Blue Bucket

Food donation Webshop
Blue bucket

„for I was hungry and you gave me food”

Container house

For decent living circumstances
Container house

„I was a stranger and you welcomed me”

Adopt a Granny!

Taking care of the elderly

Children's camps

Art therapy, sports, building relationships
Children's camps

„Let the children come to me”

Family Care

Monthly help for moving forward in society
Family Care

„I was naked and you clothed me”

Családgondozás angolul


Helping through churches

„let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth”


Realizing and Helping

„if you help the smallest, you help me”

Awareness Training
For who did we prepare the training?

The goal of an awareness training is to build sensitivity and knowledge in people about the targeted groups (e.g. the poor, the oppressed, and the disabled) and inspire them to perform charity work and act as a do-gooder.

We provide useful material for companies and employers who have the aim of employing people from one of the mentioned groups above or/and struggle to find the perfect attitude toward their employees.

We also like to give presentations in schools for students to learn at an early age how to act towards their classmates so that they are sympathetic and look equally at their ‘different’ classmates.

The training aims to develop three areas:
  • To notice: What does it mean to be aware of my surrounding? What do Ido with the tragic information I receive?
  • To decide: What is my role? Does it matter if I help or will everything remain the same? How is the decision of helping made?
  • To help: Who can I do good? How should I help so that it results in a positive change?
  • Poverty: Stepping out of the comfort zone. Realizing how rich we are and discovering how diversely I can help in my surrounding.
  • Disabled colleagues at work; how to work together efficiently
  • Living together with ethnic minorities
  • Awareness in our every day lives: Raising children with sensitivity
Types of training packages:
  • Short day: 45 minute long presentation, 30 minute long open conversation/workshop, 15-500 people
  • Half a day: 2x45 minutes of presentation ,2x30 minute long open conversation/workshop, 15-50 people
  • Day: presentation in the morning, 2x1 hour of group workshop (working in pairs, small groups, situations), 15-30 people
  • Weekend: (15-30 people)
  • Friday: introduction, test (where am I)
  • Saturday: 3 main presentations, 3 small groups conversations, individual, self reflexion
  • Sunday: making personal development plans
About the presenter:
Ábel Lukács Kiss, Director of the organization, experienced presenter
For further information send us a message!



Kids for kids

„and those who have two, shall share one”

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